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" You have helped me soooo much and I really appreciate it!!! After the last few years of struggling with the final pounds of weight loss you have finally got me making progress and on the track to where I want to be. I look at food differently for me and my family, and feel so much healthier and better about myself. If anyone ever says what you do isn't important or doesn’t make a difference, tell them they are crazy!!! You are well educated, realistic and amazing at finding the right way to make someone eat healthy, lose weight, and feel better without feeling like you are on a diet!! Thanks for helping me change for the better!!

....................Carin, New York City

" Dear Lara,
I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you and express some very heart felt thoughts. I have done so well with my weight, mt health and my overall life due to your direction, advice and caring ! The patience and time you took to work with me, and my erratic schedule was truly a life changing experience. AND it made me believe "it can be done!"
Nutrition, exercise, and advice are a power full combination... when you take that knowledge and couple it with your interpersonal magic the results are and continue to be amazing ! Thank you Lara for having the caring and confidence to teach me HOW TO FISH, therefore creating an independent, confident, healthier person for a lifetime!
Your presence and direction in my life has not only impacted my weight and my health but my life! I AM MUCH HAPPIER!:) And most importantly I am forever grateful.
My Warmest Regards, and gratitude,

....................Peter, New York City

" Lara's approach is different. Instead of trying to alter your lifestyle to fit a diet, Lara tailors every last eating, exercise and wellness detail of a personal program to fit your lifestyle and your needs. Working with Lara on a weekly basis provides me the strength and confidence I need to succeed at my goals.”

.....................Elise, New York City

" Lara is truly amazing. She showed me how easy it can be to eat right and lose weight. I lost 14 pounds with Lara's guidance. She really believes in healthy eating and exercising and provides you with a customized approach to your taste and lifestyle.”

........................Jill, New York City

" Lara is an amazing nutritionist. She has helped me achieve my weight-loss goals and now she's teaching me how to keep the weight off for good. She has taught me so much about how to eat (and I thought I knew it all after going on so many diets!) and her constant support, positive attitude and great tips have actually made it easy to for me to lose the weight. I look forward to my weekly consultations with Lara because I know she will help inspire me to stay on track.”

...............Barbara, New York City

" Working in partnership with Lara -- I lost 11lbs -- I have never before enjoyed such success. Her knowledge ensured I had the facts to hand as I worked through the process . To have someone charting progress in my corner while I continued with my responsibilities-- my family and my business, made all the difference. She regularly checked in with me via email and was like a cheerleader on my behalf. I thoroughly recommend Lara.”

.................Mrs SJ, New York City

" Lara has equipped me to lead a healthy lifestyle and enhance my personal health and well-being. She's done this by teaching me about my nutritional needs -- just what is a balanced diet -- as well as raised my awareness about what are healthy food portion sizes. Lara has also helped me tackle the challenging part of eating healthy by helping me come up with strategies for dealing with unhealthy eating habits -- like night-time snacking and mindless snacking. I've made great strides in improving my health through good nutrition and while I still have goals to improve, I feel equipped to achieve it. Thank you Lara!”

.....................Jill D, New York City

" I've been wanting to compliment you for being a great nutritionist. Your sessions were very, very informative, and your disposition was so energetic, understanding, and encouraging.”

..................Marcela New York City

" I am feeling great, working out more, drinking less and fitting in to my clothes again. It's a lovely feeling, I can't thank you enough, Lara!”

.................Jamie J, New York City

" I I love working with Lara and am happy with my results thus far. I had been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager. Lara understands the emotional aspects of overeating. She custom designs a plan that supports you and your goals. Lara has worked with me to accommodate my food allergies (gluten intolerance and dairy) so I am able to eat a healthy variety and not feel deprived. Lara is knowledgeable, caring and always there for her clients and I appreciate everything she has done for me.”

..............Marybeth, New York City | 917.690.9961