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Initial Consultation: Learn & Strategize, 80 minutes: we will examine your nutrition history (eating habits, diet and weight history, food preferences, challenges, etc.), lifestyle, daily routines, exercise habits, and medical history. We will define realistic goals and strategize to get you on your path towards success. Preliminary nutrition education will be provided.

Follow-Up Sessions: Learn, Strategize & Maintain, 30-60 minutes: the 1st follow-up session is generally 60 minutes; subsequent visits 30-45 minutes.

Follow-up sessions include:

  • Education on: product selection, portion control, meal composition, and timing of meals. Sessions will prepare you to conquer day-to-day eating, as well as travel, holidays, and celebrations.
  • Meal planning: you will learn to make optimal choices when eating home, out or on-the-go. Sample menus can be created.
  • Progress reports (discussion of previous weeks accomplishments, challenges end concerns)
  • Opportunity for questions (and answers)
  • Review of previous weeks food intake
  • Support and guidance to maintain motivation and encourage progress
  • Short-term goal setting

Grocery Shopping Guidance: I will help you stock a variety of foods to have on hand to create healthy meals and snacks. I’ll introduce you to new and unfamiliar products, and teach you to choose the best products amongst the rows and rows of inferior selections. I’ll assist you to read and understand nutrition labels and determine portion sizes.

Home Appraisal: I will review your eating environment, raid your pantry and explore your refrigerator. I’ll help give you the home kitchen advantage! Your home is where your unique strategies can be most effectively implemented.

Recipe Analysis and Makeover: I will review your favorite recipe and help make it healthier and lower in calories.

* Sessions can be arranged week-by-week or packages can be purchased in advance

* Schedule sessions where it is most convenient for you: in my office or in your home or office. | 917.690.9961