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The 3 essential components for success, designed by Lara Sutton exclusively for LSM Nutrition


It is essential to learn about the principles of nutrition, wellness, and weight control in order to understand the means to achieve your goals. While nutrition and diet are media celebrities, the information available to the public is often distorted. Many clients find themselves struggling to distinguish fact from myth, and feel lost and confused over what to eat. As a Registered Dietitian, one of my roles is to correct misconceptions about foods and “dieting” and translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for daily life. I will teach you to make healthy food choices and create a nutritionally sound diet. You will learn to use this knowledge and incorporate it into your everyday routines.

Nutrition counseling is a learning process. Effective communication precedes a successful outcome. Open and honest dialogue permits an accurate assessment and appraisal of your situation and needs, a vital step to create a practical and effective strategy.


We will work as a team to design a strategy that will inspire and motivate you. Your strategy is customized to specifically address your needs. We will set realistic and attainable goals in order to strengthen your commitment for a successful outcome. Throughout our collaboration, we may adjust your strategy in order to maintain and enhance your progress.

Ultimately, your strategy will enable you to confront and overcome all of the obstacles that, up until now, had undermined your success. You will create positive dietary, behavioral, and lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime!


As you make strides towards achieving your goal, it is vital that you maintain what you have achieved. As your nutrition and wellness coach, I guide you, support you and communicate with you throughout our partnership to help you work through challenges, prevent setbacks and feelings of frustration, and keep you motivated and committed, ensuring you maintain and build upon your success. Your strategy will promote the development of new habits, while simultaneously abolishing the old, unhealthy ones. | 917.690.9961